Dog Ordinances

  1. Dog License Requirements

    All residents owning a dog within the Village of Kenilworth are required to register that dog with the Village Hall.

  2. Excessive Dog Barking \ Public Nuisance

    Read the Village ordinance addressing dog barking as a public nuisance.

  3. Leash Laws

    All dogs located within the Village, other than when on the owners premises, must be kept on a leash or under the immediate control of the owner at all times.

  4. Prohibited Places for Dogs

    Village ordinance prohibits dogs from being upon any school property, public playgrounds, public parks or food service locations anywhere within the Village.

  5. Removal of Dog Feces \ Duty of Owners

    Village Ordinance requires that owners of dogs, other than when on their own property, must always carry equipment sufficient to clean up dog feces.