Safety Information

  1. Auto & Traffic Safety

    Find safety tips for auto theft, carjacking defense, distracted driving and information on the Illinois Graduated Driver Licensing Program.

  2. Firearm Safety

    Learn how to be safe while handling a firearm.

  3. Fraud Alerts / Information

    Learn about identity theft information, jail/telephone scams, police fundraising solicitations, the U.S. Department of Justice Fraud and Police Fundraising Solicitations.

  4. Home Safety

    Find home security tips and information on suspicious solicitors.

  5. Internet Safety

    Find out how to chat with your kids about internet safety and be safe in general while on the internet.

  6. Personal Safety

    Review tips on ATM safety, domestic violence information, identity theft information, safety tips for runners/walkers, sexual assault prevention and street smart information.

  7. Phishing Scams

    Phishing is when thieves fishing for your personal financial information. Find out how to prevent this from happening.

  8. Preparedness

    Review a list of resources that will help citizens become more prepared for natural disasters.

  9. Senior Safety

    Find tips for preventing fraud and general safety tips for seniors.

  10. Underage Drinking / Drug Use

    Find links to tips that are helpful when dealing with teens and underage drinking/drug use.

  11. Workplace Safety

    Learn about how to properly prepare against an active shooter, keep your small business safe, crime prevention and workplace substance abuse.